What Do You Do On Transit?

Most of the time when I ride transit, I either watch the city go by out the window or I catch up on news on my iPhone which means I don’t often take note of what others are doing. On my morning commute the other day I happened to look up and see a row of people on the MetroLink all with noses in their books.

I couldn’t help but smile at how awesome that was to see so I looked around to see what others in the car were doing as well. Others within eye shot were reading the paper, playing with smartphones, listening to music, reading, talking with friends, and some just relaxing enjoying the ride.

I absolutely love being able to hop on Metro and not have to worry about driving or traffic or or gas or parking; rather my worries are more in the vein of what to read next or what music to listen to or what beautiful brick architecture will I see next. Such deep, deep worries indeed.

What do you do while you ride transit?



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